I believe that the "American vs. American" mentality
in our public conversation
is the most serious threat that our country faces today.

No other problem we have - not Terrorism, not Immigration, not COVID-19 - 
no "Issue" is too great for our beloved country to manage
IF - and ONLY if -
we can deal with it as civilized adults.
If we can't do that, any one of them can be the iceberg that sinks us.

This is going to be a tough fight.
America is great at winning battles,
but this challenge will be more like going on a diet.
(According to the American Diabetes Association, we suck at that.)

Just like Diabetes, though, if we allow it to rage out of control, it will kill us.

We've indulged in the sweet taste of demonizing our political opponents
until we've nearly wiped them out as a species, leaving only Enemies.

We have no Hitler, or bin Laden to go after in this fight.
Our greatest challenge will be our own habits.

Addressing how we got here,
why it feels so good to attack other Americans,
and what we can do to change things
is not liable to be a pleasant, nor an easy path.
(After all, some of us are, in fact, Knuckleheads.)

America was founded by hard-headed contrarians, and we need to keep that spirit alive.
We just need to direct that energy in a more constructive direction.

That direction is NOT, IN ANY WAY "partisan".
This CANNOT be a conversation about The Issues - 
It MUST be a conversation about the conversation.

If we allow ourselves to become "Pro-" or "Anti-" ANYTHING,
our mission has failed, and we're just adding to the noise.

We are not alone.
There are organizations and movements dedicated to this.
We'll help them; some of them will help us.

The first thing we need is a "platform".
In the Marketing world, that's just a name for:
"Many people being involved".

Please be involved.
For now, just sign up.

The long-term plan will include:
Memes that celebrate a Better Way.
Downloadable "encouragement" letters to politicians.
Helpful "Conflict Resolution" techniques for family and InstaTwitBook.
YOUR welcome participation, ideas, and assistance.

It will NOT include:
Empty, meaningless, "Peace-and-Kindness" stuff.
(Only actionable, make-a-real-difference "Peace and Kindness" stuff.)
Confrontational "YOU'RE NOT CIVIL ENOUGH!" messages.
Hidden Agendas.
Disrespect to ANYONE - even to, you know, THEM... (whoever "they" are to you).


Me, personally...
I'll have a book out soon, and probably another album.
I hope you'll buy them, and some extras to share.
I'm available for Speaking and Live Music events.
I don't have much money, but I'm also not in debt, so that'll be enough for me.
In other words, this is not a "money" thing for me.
It's very much about the fact that I truly Love America,
and I want to help her be Well, and to fulfill her Potential.

If you're on board, please Sign up today, and we'll start making a difference!

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