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Sweet Emma's Roses

Sweet Emma’s Roses
Her 100th birthday was coming up, and I got a call from her granddaughter, and the stories just came pouring out…

“She positively LIVED for her family.”
“Going to her place was such a treat for us – you never felt so loved!”
“She grew the most beautiful roses.”
“She’d knitted afghans all her life – everyone in the family had one, and we treasure them to this day.”
“Her Cherry cake was Divine!”

Song For Dave's 80th

Dave’s 80th
Here’s what I was told about Dave before writing the song.

“We moved down here for health reasons, but his heart is still in Chicago.”
“He loves jazz.”
“As a kid, he got the nickname ‘Crotch’. He’s never told anyone why.”
“He’s from the rough side of town, but he never got in fights. Sweetest guy you’ll ever meet.”
“He teaches history for the college. It’s his favorite thing, so I’m glad he gets to live his passion.”

Justin, Kara, and The Lord

Justin, Kara, and The Lord


Sometimes you fall in love.
Sometimes you need a little shove.
Sometimes you’re in it before you even know.

The mind is a terrible thing to use
When the heart’s got all the really good news
Sometimes the connection’s just a little… slow.
But you find the right girl, and she’s gonna let you know.

Justin had it all planned out,
But Kara knew a little bit more about
What’s inside the heart of a brilliant man.

She saw what he could not see;
That the two of them were Meant to Be
And he was wise enough to take her hand.
Now together, they’re both following God’s Plan.

He was out bringing The Light into
A dark part of the world.
Then one day he looked around and found
His brilliant beautiful brown-eyed girl.
And he knew he had a partner on the Mission, and in his life.
And he knew he wouldn’t wait to make that girl his wife…

So the wise Impetuous boy and girl
Got married on the other side of the world,
But marriage is a sacrament, meant for more than two.

So the families gather to join as one.
One gains a daughter, and the other a son.
And everyone celebrates when they say, “I do”.
And through their Covenant, The Lord celebrates, too.

Justin and Kara
Here’s examples of what the client told me about the couple.

“They’re both genius-level, crazy smart.”
“He was struggling with the choice of two women. She told him to just quit, and pick her.”
“THAT was the smartest thing he ever did!”
“He was on a Mission Trip, and she decided to fly out and marry him.”
“We’re having another ceremony here, for the family, and I want to surprise him with this.”

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